Kleemann – Germany Elevators

KLEEMANN is one of the major lift companies in the global market. Having developed massive experience in the field since 1983.
    1 / European Standard - Absolutely safe

Kleemann family elevator has an EC type test certificate in compliance with safety standards 2014/33 / EU, 2006/42 / EC ... - Absolutely safe.

2 / Flexible design - Luxurious interior

The Kleemann family elevator offers a flexible design solution for each project. Elevator interior is made by world famous designer Andreas Zapatinas, extremely luxurious, comfortable and unique.

Designer Andreas Zapatinas

3 / No construction required - Install anywhere
- Ideal solution for the bottom floor (Pit Hole) is only 80 - 200mm and the top floor (OH) height is only 2300 - 2450mm.

- No need to build concrete columns: Leave space if you install the observation glass ladder or build a brick wall around.

- Save a lot of space: just take advantage of 1 square meter available space to meet 1 lift carrying from 3 to 4 people.

4 / Move smoothly without noise

Kleemann is designed with two main goals: high quality and smooth mobility. One of the strict requirements for this type of ladder is that it makes no noise and no vibrations during use.

5 / Eco friendly

Energy-saving, eco-friendly products reduce CO2 emissions by up to 60% by using regenerative drive, standby mode and lights.

Built with the core of leading engineers in the field of manufacturing and installing elevators in Vietnam. Huy Hoang Elevator Company always provides customers with the highest quality, fastest, safest and most reasonable price equipment and technical services. For any questions, please contact hotline: 03.3311.9999 for a specific, free consultation.

Kleemann Elevator

Khoảng giá: 400.000.000 đếnđ

  • European Standard - Absolutely safe
  • Flexible design - Luxurious interior
  • No construction needed - Install anywhere
  • Moving smoothly - Low noise
  • Eco friendly

Cable lift Kleemann

Khoảng giá: Từ 500.000.000đ -đ

  • It is the fastest speed hydraulic elevator in the world today
  • Speed up to 1m / s
  • No need for engine room and low pit
  • Flexible size, easy to adjust for each project

Kleemann Hydraulic Lift

Khoảng giá: Từđ đếnđ

  • Using hydraulic technology - Europe
  • Lift load options from 200 to more than 1000kg
  • Minimum installation space required
  • Easy and quick to  install
  • Eco friendly, save energy