Welcome Spring Football 2021

Welcome Spring Football 2021

17:37 - 04/03/2021

Welcome Spring Football 2021 as well as a chance to start a year full of enthusiasm.

30/4 and 1/5 Anniversary Program Huy Hoang's Showroom in Ha Noi Huy Hoang's Showroom in Hai Phong Huy Hoang's Showroom in Thanh Hoa Technical training with Kleemann experts

In an exciting and equally fierce atmosphere, the two teams were inconclusive. End the game with goals in the last minute of stoppage time.



For HHE, football is a cultural and spiritual beauty that has been around for more than 10 years of development. The spirit of excitement at the beginning of the year is the driving force for HHE's members to make more efforts to dedicate in the future.


The matches contribute to strengthening the spirit of solidarity between members to strive more and more "do your best, play hard". Celebrate 2021 with new beginnings, new opportunities and success.